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I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth.

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It was shooting on the two of them and running down their bodies to drip on the floor.

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He spit James's cock out, "Easy dude, You are huge. So that's what I did. Without saying a word I got it. He used to tell me that I couldn't do some of the really neat routines until I was well into puberty or it could hurt me for the rest of my life. Paul raised up from me letting my dick fall aside as locekr softened.

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He said that his cums are much stronger and better. James had gotten off. Paul was shooting his juice on my leg. He kind of squatted and pushed. His whole front was covered in cum.

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Life doesn't always work out like a story. I had started to take it off and I sat down on the bench and just draped the towel to cover my goods.

I really hate it when the girls do the baby talk routine. My balls dropped and I had hairs, three actually by the third month of my eleventh year. Paul slapped James on the ass and said, "thanks man.

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The older girls really like to talk me up and at lunch James and I have to go outside to keep from being mobbed. I even get a few rom and I don't complain. Yeah, yeah, I know you want the chat argen stuff or else you wouldn't be reading at this porno site, fucking perverts.

He was washing his cock and had a lot of lather on it. I washed his back and ass and I could feel both of our hard cocks rubbing against each other.

James and Paul walked up to me. My work outs started to pay off.

Small dick locker room

They were both naked. James was pounding Paul with short hard strokes and by the look on his face he was having on hell of a climax.

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I had such a big cum that I was weakened by its force. I watched dad's hand all over that beautiful head and then the boy started rolm cum.

Small dick locker room

Cum was on the bench where he had been sitting and I saw some oozing down his thighs. It looks like a big soft pillow, or more like a pillow pad for a mattress. I still had my arms around my knees and they smmall up against my chest. There he was again. He bent over and spit in Paul's butt then raised up on his knees.

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He want's that big cock of yours up his butt" Still in a trance I got up. It is about as thick as a quarter. I felt Paul lurch forward as James shoved his dick all the way in Paul's ass. That puppy was huge.

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So there you have it. He really likes being double dicked. In a few minutes I could hear squishy sounds and figured he must have fucked up some ass juice like I read in some of these stories.

Small dick locker room

He started to fuck my cock in and out of his mouth and I thought I was in heaven. He only did it for a couple of minutes then he stood up with tears running down his face.

Small dick locker room

My dick had started to grow just after I turned eleven. I looked down and he was beating his five and a half inch cock with lockerr speed. I could hear his skin slapping against Paul with every thrust.